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Notable comments from business partners in annual reviews:

Current Year:
“Kashif is a great business partner and invaluable asset in helping me
manage the (….) websites. He's approachable, inquisitive, diligent,
and reliable. I especially appreciate Kashif's sincere interest in
using site data to draw conclusions and suggest changes. Other
business partners that I have worked with were more focused on
following a request process or just providing the reporting with
little support or enthusiasm. Kashif is much more engaged in the
questions being asked and data I'm trying to arrive at, and often
helps me get to conclusions from a different yet still effective and
reliable way. Example: Kashif was great at helping me determine the
effectiveness of the site changes, identify problem areas, and come up
with innovative ways to determine how the new site was performing vs.
the old site.”

“Kashif is an excellent partner. He has a great attitude and very
approachable. I truly enjoy bouncing off ideas with Kashif as he
offers very insightful and useful advices. Kashif has become
increasingly good at summarizing data. He has an impressive ability to
weave through layers of numbers and metrics and draw easily digestible
results. Kashif's deliverables are usually in formats that can be
easily understand and draw insights from. “

“Kashif has been an outstanding partner this year. Kashif is extremely
knowledgeable and takes the time to clearly explain complex metrics in
an understandable way. He is very accommodating while leading projects
down the correct path to completion. All of the (….) staff know Kashif
is their go-to guy, and he is well respected for providing valuable
guidance, metrics reporting, systems building and analysis. He is
responsive and communicates well, never disappointing or
under-delivering. I believe Kashif is a critical staff member who has
a direct impact on the firm's success.”

“Kashif was instrumental in helping us setup better metrics to assess
the (…..) program effectiveness. “

“Kashif is an outstanding member of the team!”

Previous Years:

"Kashif is very responsive and knowledgeable of the web analytics
world …(and)…has helped us to get better reporting and information on
multiple initiatives (Social Media)."

"Kashif has done a magnificent job managing the analytics reporting
for… He is a very reliable and intelligent team member who keeps
projects on track and on time. I'm very pleased with his ability to
understand the complex needs of this diverse business group. He and I
have worked together on many occasions to develop and refine a variety
of reports... Kashif has been a key thought partner."

"One of Kashif's strength is having the ability to weave through
layers of numbers and metrics and draw actionable insights.   Web data
is by nature messy and inexact, so it can be easily bogged down
noises.   Kashif has very good instincts and he asks the right
questions and doesn't get bog down easily by the details.   He has
also made noticeable improvements in the approaches and methodologies
in his analyses."

"I have enjoyed working with Kashif and benefiting from his
disciplined approach to implementing Web Analytic tags.  Kashif's
persistence ensured that the cross-enterprise communications were all
aligned and lead to the success of this project along with his
requests and expectations of completion dates."

"Kashif demonstrates a unique ability to listen and understand the
requirements that matter to business partners, external and internal
clients; while at the same time igniting active discussions through
testing and enabling project objectives through working with other
team resources."
"Kashif is very bright and a quick learner.  He came up to speed
quickly to web data infrastructure and the Schwab business overall.
I was impressed that Kashif is able to make a positive contribution
almost right away."

"Kashif has the ability to weave through layers of numbers and metrics
and draw actionable insights.  Kashif has very good instincts and is
asks the right questions and doesn't get bogged down by the details.
His communication and project management skills are some of his
stronger points as well.  Strengths:  Knowledgeable about analytics
and tools, Consistency on reporting; Responsive; Good

"Kashif was a great thought partner and developer this year of a
business metric report. He did a great job in listening to our needs
of the data and explaining what we could get to meet our goals.  I
would also say that Kashif was approachable and easy to work with"

"He is a very responsive partner and a very thoughtful and strategic
thinker. His management of HBX reporting has been extremely useful in
helping measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.  He is
also quite good at educating and informing the greater team in how to
use the tools and interpret the data."

"He has taken the time to listen to design and business needs and has:
helped tailor our large reports; built customized reporting; rapidly
analyzed reasons for anomalies; given me access and helped me with
tools such as HitBox, etc."

Kashif has proven himself as an excellent, trustworthy and reliable
business partner who models professionalism, good judgment, and
ethical behavior."

"Kashif is a wonderful asset to the company and I very much enjoy
working with him. The whole team is very pleased to have a dedicated
person to contact with our analytics needs."

"I find Kashif to be a valuable resource because he is a strong team
player who is always willing to help.  He is very flexible; capable of
proposing creative solutions and efficient when asked to quickly
support new campaigns and/or develop new functions."

"Kashif performed well in as role as a 2nd web analytics expert on the
PS team.  When his boss (Dennis Bradley) was unavailable, or out of
the office (esp. for a summer sabbatical) Kashif fielded web analytics
queries.  He was able to provide answers either through his
accumulated knowledge, or by contacting vendor or internal (I&L)

"I like his ability to think outside the box and suggest new methods
for setting up page tagging, metrics reporting and group

"Kashif is an outstanding member of the team and I highly recommend him."

"Patient with my lack of understanding of analytics tools and reports"

"Kashif is quick to respond clients' requests. He also provides
detailed information to help analyzing the requirements and addressing
the issues. He is also very friendly to work with."

"Kashif is a great guy. I am looking forward to more opportunities to
work with him."

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